Serving the Steel Fabricator

NYSSFA offers an excellent opportunity to stay current with the industry. The organization is progressive and gives the membership the opportunity to build professional relations through a shared learning experience.


Most NYSSFA members are also members of the American Institute of Steel Construction. NYSSFA is not in conflict or in a competitive posture with AISC. NYSSFA encourages companies to join both organizations and many NYSSFA members participate in AISC on committees and in various leadership positions.

Educational Programs

Regularly Scheduled Meeting topics include:

Steel Mills and
other Affiliates

Mill representatives provide the association with industry updates at each meeting, reporting on current business conditions and lead times as well as forecasts of the future - a great opportunity to get to know the key personnel of the steel producers. Other affiliates keep the membership current on issues affecting service centers, joist, deck, bolts, paint, galvanizing and fabricating machinery.

You want your
business to prosper

NYSSFA fosters continual improvement of members' business, and personal development through education and idea exchange. Its meetings and activities are characterized by open dialogue, planned presentations and social interaction. What better way to inspire and stimulate continual improvement for your company and management team.

At fees you can afford

The member companies range in size from small to large. The organization is non-profit and fees are very affordable.